Savoury Swiss Roll with a Spinach and Sweetcorn Filling

Many times I have came home from a long day, I was hungry and tired which is the worst combination for making something healthier and delicious to eat. In those times that you want something easy, yummy and vegan for just yourself with leftovers or for the whole family, these simple recipes are the ones that save the day. Think a few ingredients that you will have lying around in your cupboard, a few fresh vegetables from the fridge and minimal prep time.


Easter Bunny Shaped Buns

Easter is here and I know I am ready for some yummy, delicious food!

The problem is many easter recipes involve dairy and eggs, which isn’t exactly helpful for us vegan bunnies. I know that I don’t enjoy walking down an aisle full of cow milk easter eggs, chicken-egg-glazed hot cross buns and piles of bakery food that either isn’t vegan or isn’t easter-y enough.


Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

The weather over here has been cold and depressing lately, so what’s better than a hot meal to warm you up? Ever had a craving for something salty and fat laden in the frosty months as you comfort yourself with food, food and more food? Well, I know I have and I’m sure we have all been there.

When I make food I want something filling, healthy, natural and delicious without eating an excessive amount of empty calories that will leave me snacking within an hour. Of course, I also love foods that are simple to make with minimal effort for when I just don’t feel like cooking. So, keeping all this in mind… BAM an idea came into my head – stuffed peppers!