Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

The weather over here has been cold and depressing lately, so what’s better than a hot meal to warm you up? Ever had a craving for something salty and fat laden in the frosty months as you comfort yourself with food, food and more food? Well, I know I have and I’m sure we have all been there.

When I make food I want something filling, healthy, natural and delicious without eating an excessive amount of empty calories that will leave me snacking within an hour. Of course, I also love foods that are simple to make with minimal effort for when I just don’t feel like cooking. So, keeping all this in mind… BAM an idea came into my head – stuffed peppers!

I haven’t had a stuffed anything in a while and I don’t know why. These peppers are soft, juicy, flavoursome, healthy and so easy to make! Next time, I might try stuffing a different vegetable or using a different mixture to fill it with – the possibilities are endless!

With only a few simple ingredients and some peppers, I created a meal that looked and tasted good that is great for a quick dinner or lunch, for a dinner party and even for the whole family.quinoa-stuffed-peppers-close-up


If you make this, tell me what you made! What vegetable did you stuff? What did you stuff it with? Leave a comment down below and inspire fellow culinary vegans for all their culinary delights.

[cooked-recipe id=33]

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