Raw Vegan Chocolate Bars with Nuts

Dark chocolate and crunchy nuts make up these delicious Raw Vegan Chocolate Bars. With savoury chunks sprinkled about, dark chocolate has never tasted so good. But, we all know we love these delicious recipes even more when they are easy to make and require nothing complicated. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the core of these yummy bites: only 5 basic ingredients

All you need is some agave nectar, cocoa powder, coconut butter, soaked nuts and a dash of extra flavour to create something very magical, simple and that is a crowd-pleaser. Serve these with an extra helping of nuts, some dried or fresh fruit or even date nectar for a super delicious treat for family, friends or guests at a party.

As these only require a few simple ingredients and are raw, they require no cooking at all and is perfect for those last minute moments when you need something to satisfy any cravings without having any regrets later. IMG_20160417_130544-01IMG_20160417_131842-01IMG_20160417_132750-01IMG_20160417_133623-01IMG_20160417_133331-01IMG_20160417_133351-01IMG_20160417_133159-01IMG_20160417_133931-01IMG_20160417_134434-01IMG_20160417_134243-01IMG_20160417_133744-01

What’s your favourite chocolate flavour? Tell me in the comments down below!

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