Savoury Swiss Roll with a Spinach and Sweetcorn Filling

Many times I have came home from a long day, I was hungry and tired which is the worst combination for making something healthier and delicious to eat. In those times that you want something easy, yummy and vegan for just yourself with leftovers or for the whole family, these simple recipes are the ones that save the day. Think a few ingredients that you will have lying around in your cupboard, a few fresh vegetables from the fridge and minimal prep time.

I introduce you to the roll!

Now, we all have heard of the glorious swiss roll from the frozen section in our local stores – the dairy, the eggs, the really long non-vegan ingredients list… Let’s say no to those and yes to this vegan savoury dish.

With only filo pastry as the main ingredient, the rest is up to your imagination – so let your minds run wild with possibilities! savoury-roll-choppedsavoury-roll-insides-full-rollsavoury-roll-photo-single-piece

What did you put in your Savoury Swiss Roll? Tell me in the comments down below and inspire our fellow readers.

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