Vegan Breakfast Muffins

Fluffy bases, chewy raisins and a whole lot of fiber! These breakfast muffins are vegan, full of healthy goodness and are so delicious. Try baking these the night before and let them sit until morning for a chewier texture, or if you like them warm and fluffy, prepare the batter and pour into the cases the night before and simply bake in the morning. These are great to whip up if you have sweet cravings, or if you have guests round and want them to have a treat for breakfast. 

These are easy to  adapt to your own taste – I like including raisins for something chewy but you can add more oats, add some fresh berries, add a mashed banana, vegan chocolate chips, cacao powder, vanilla essence and anything else you can possible think of! With a few basic ingredients from your cupboards and fridge, you have yourself a scrumptious snack.  corner-view-vegan-breakfast-muffinsvegan-breakfast-muffin-close-up

What would you put in your breakfast muffin? Tell me in the comments down below!

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