Vegan Lasagna

Vegan Lasagna layered with a chunky, mixed vegetable filling and a creamy, white sauce. This dish is a fantastic, family dinner and a perfect meal for bringing to a pot luck party. When I have friends round, I want to impress them with my vegan culinary skills and awesome flavour combos as I whip up something they all know and love.

When it comes to veganism, you know you will get the comments from everyone you know: ‘what do you actually eat?’, ‘you don’t get enough protein from a diet like that’ and the infamous ‘vegan food is gross’. Well, think again! Prove to them that vegan food can be delicious, healthy, nutritional and just as easy as making a non-vegan meal.

With something well-known as a lasagna, be prepared for shocked faces as you expose the true reason for it being so delicious: all because it’s vegan! full-view-vegan-lasagnaside-view-vegan-lasagnalayers-vegan-lasagna

What do you think of this recipe? Any ideas for extra flavour? Tell me in the comments below!

[cooked-recipe id=123]

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