Vegan Lemon Almond Cake

Have guests coming round for dinner? Treat them with this delicious, vegan dessert:an almond butter frosting, a lemon cake for the base and whatever toppings your heart desires!

There have been many times where I have wanted to dazzle family and friends with something that looks great, tastes great and is 100% vegan without failing many attempts in the kitchen. This recipe is based off a simple cake, a basic many people have made before that guarantees no failure (great for avoiding those last minute panics).

I preferred a thinner, more pie like base so I upped the number of ‘eggs’ (egg replacer) and avoided folding in the mixture. If you want a bouncier, airier base use 2-4 tablespoons of egg replacer and make sure to whip in as much air as you can by folding carefully.

This recipe makes one large cake that serves 8, but I used a cookie cutter to make 4 smaller ones from the larger slab. birds-eye-view-close-uplarge-view-vegan-lemon-almond-cakeclose-up-vegan-lemon-almond-cakecorner-view-close-up-vegan-lemon-almond-cakeside-view-vegan-lemon-almond-cake--

What’s your favourite cake and frosting flavour? What toppings did you use? Tell me more down below in the comments.

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