Vegan Thai Curry

Feel inspired by Asia and the amazing flavours with this Vegan Thai Curry! Packed full of vegetables, this dish is full of yummy nutrients and great ingredients. This does require more effort than many dishes, but I promise that it’s worth it! Dare yourself to experiment with your cooking and your vegan culinary skills as you create this beauty of a recipe.

With a list of amazing spices, yummy vegetables (that you can easily change to your liking) and a final creamy, thick curry – you know it will be worth it. You could serve this dish alone, but it is usually served with a side of rice. In the photos you see, I served the meal in a bowl and then the side on the plate. The side is a Persian rice with a saffron crust. If you want to know how to make this, tell me in the comments below! It is fluffy, crispy and full of taste.

Anyway, back to the curry – serve this for a Friday night with the family or for a night in with friends. This is a great main for a dinner party or as one of the many selections at a homemade all-vegan buffet. Try it with poppadoms and rice for a complete meal, or maybe make some vegan finger snacks inspired by Asia such as spring rolls and samosas. Before you know it, you have a full menu! Make this recipe and tell me what you think (I know you’ll love it). full-view-vegan-thai-curryclose-up-curry-alone-vegan-thai-curry


What vegetables do you love in your curry? What do you think of this recipe? Tell me in the comments down below!

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